CAHPS Is Committed To:

Providing a challenging and engaging academic program with academic support for students who need additional help as well as accelerated options for those who are ready to take their learning further through Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Actively engaging students in the community through community service, civic issues, and partnerships with community-based organizations. Community involvement increases relevance for students by helping them see how what they are learning in class applies to the real world. It builds both self-esteem and students’ resume of experiences, and helps students make more informed decisions about their future.

Preparing all students to insure that they are “Future Ready” for college and/or career. Students need to be able to communicate well, think critically, problem solve, use technology, be literate, and able to work successfully independently as well as a member of a team.

Ensuring that all CAHPS students are known well by multiple adults within the school. Some structures that insure this include: freshmen & sophomores TIESS (Team Integrated English & Social Studies) in which students have the same language arts and social studies teachers for the first two years, and every student having an Advisory teacher whose role is to advocate for that student and monitor their progress.


Team Integrated English and Social Studies. The benefits of integrating English and US/World History is that it answers the question: why are we doing this? The two-period block allows more time to students for investigating topics in depth, and allows more time for project based learning. The benefit to having the same teacher for 2 years is that it creates a sense of community within CAHPS, gives teachers time to build stronger student-to-teachers relationships and gives kids a place to belong. The TIESS room is a safe place for hangout or study before school and at lunch.


All CAHPS Students are in an Advisory class that meets once a week. Advisers are responsible for advocating for their students and tracking their progress. At least once a trimester we organize Advisory competitions and Advisory community service projects. One of our favorites this year is our Reading Buddies program where we partner with the District 6 elementary schools to read with the K-2nd grade students.

Spotlight on the Senior Year

CAHPS is working hard to increase the relevance of the senior year and make it a strong stepping stone to post-high school opportunities. Seniors are encouraged to take rigorous coursework. We make college visits, counsel students on post-secondary options and offer SAT prep opportunities. We also have built in opportunities to learn outside the classroom and explore careers through our internship program and our “Be the Change” projects. Internship placements are based on students’ interests with a majority being in the medical fields, education and social services including fire, police & YMCA.

Internship placements include:

  • Hospital, clinic, doctor and dentist offices
  • Erickson Air Crane
  • Central Point Police Explorers
  • Local Schools & Childcare Programs
  • Local Beauty Salons
  • Local Auto Shops
  • Local TV and Radio Stations
  • Veterinarian Offices
  • Local Nurseries

View our cahps-brochure-2019-2020 for information.