Forecasting allows a school to determine how many sections of classes we need to offer. Students select classes through StudentVue and that information helps us create a Master Schedule of classes for next year. This process does not create the student’s actual schedule though; that will be done over the summer and shared out in August. And, August is when your student can request a schedule change. 

Please use the information on this page to answer questions you have about forecasting and planning your student’s schedule for 2020-2021. Use your Course History page on StudentVue to see which classes you still need to take.

Directions for Forecasting

Graduation Requirements

College Entrance Requirements

Sample Schedules by Grade Level

Bell Schedules

Course Catalog

  • Course Descriptions for 10th-12th grade students
  • Course Description for incoming 9th-grade students


  • List of last year’s offerings, descriptions, and fees. 
  • List of intersessions offered each trimester, by each teacher. 

AP/College Credits

  • Information about AP Language and Composition from Mr. Easton
  • Information about AP US History from Mr. Ensslin. Please watch this video as well. 
  • AP Statistics and AP Calculus will be All Access classes taught by BIS during our Early Bird period. You earn 2/3  of a credit per trimester to equal two complete credits by the end of the year. 
  • KCC
    • Science; First Aid; Medical Terminology (2021-22 school year)
    • Info about online options for $25 per credit through KCC
  • RCC
    • Vocational Welding
    • Pre-Calculus

College Entrance Exams

Student-Athletes/OSAA Activity Participants

  • OSAA activities include volleyball, football, soccer, cross country, basketball, wrestling, dance, drill/cheer, baseball, softball, track, golf, band, choir, and speech. 
  • OSAA student athletic eligibility requirements
    • CAHPS students must take and pass at least four full-credit classes the trimester before and during the sport/activity in which they are participating.
      • EXAMPLE 1: A sophomore who wants to play football must pass at least four of his/her full-credit classes during the spring term (trimester 3) of their freshman year to be eligible to participate. That student must also stay eligible during football by continuing to pass four classes during the fall term (trimester 1) while football is happening. 
      • EXAMPLE 2: A freshman wants to play spring softball. She must be passing four of her five classes during the winter term (trimester 2) to try out and be passing four of her five classes during the spring term (during the softball season). 
  • Contact information for all Crater Campus sports and clubs
  • Link to NCAA site
  • Link to NAIA site
  • NCAA Eligibility Center Checklist (breaks down what student-athletes need to do by grade level)
  • NCAA Academic Requirements for student-athletes who hope to attend a D1/D2 college

All Access Classes

  • Typically, all-access classes are Early Bird, 1st, and 5th period. However, all three schools have a different bell schedule, so class times will vary. Visit for bell schedules. 
  • In most EB classes, students can only earn 0.66 of a credit (which totals two full credits by the end of the year). The exception has been the EB Football Lifting class which begins at 7:30 am (not 7:45 am). 
  • 2019-20 All Access Classes
    • **We will not know exactly which classes will be offered until August. This list is just to show you an example of what we’ve offered in the past. 


  • Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
    • High school students across the country and around the world take AP courses and exams to challenge themselves, explore their interests, and earn college credit and placement. AP classes are available to prepare students for college, but because of the fast pace curriculum, students find it easy to fall behind. You are expected to spend 1-2 hours a day outside of class working on classwork. The grading in these classes is similar to what you’ll experience in college. 
    • We recommend waiting until your junior year to take an AP class. 
    • Sophomores should take T3 Honors English if they are interested in taking AP English junior year. 
  • College Credit courses
    • Link to CAHPS College Credits
    • Welding
      • This course is open to 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students. Students start in Welding 101, then progress to Welding 201, and then to Metal Fabrication.
    • Chemistry and Physics
      • We recommend students either be taking Algebra 2 or have completed Algebra 2 before taking this class. 
    • Anatomy & Physiology
      • Students must pass Biology before taking this class. 
    • Biology, First Aid, Medical Terminology
      • No pre-requisite to take the classes. But if you are a freshman who is interested in earning college credits, Mrs. James will need to complete additional paperwork for you (due to your age). 

Student Fees

Next Year